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  • Christmas Embellishments (Monograms & Frames)

    We love Christmas Embellishments...

    Two quick facts about Christmas Embroidery:

    Fact #1: Christmas Monograms are too fun not to share.

    Fact #2: Christmas Monogram Frames are too fun not to share.

    Bonus Fact: This blog will be sharing two sets:  Christmas Wreath Embossed Monogram and Christmas Monogram Frames Applique

    Christmas Wreath Embossed Monogram

    a-machine / Christmas Embellishment

    You can stitch this Christmas wreath monogram as applique, tone on tone, or use the color changes to customize! Any way you choose, you are sure to LOVE this new Designs By JuJu exclusive monogram. You can see in this photo how the applique aspect can be stitched.

    You can see here the side-by-side of an embossed design and the design used as an applique.

    two-letters / Christmas Embellishment

    Christmas Monogram Frames Applique

    Customer Project / Christmas EmbellishmentsIf you already have a favorite monogram, you can always make it festive with one of our stunning circular monogram frames. This set has 12 beautiful frames included, ten of which are applique designs. We have 4 sizes included: 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x8 to accommodate different projects and different sized monograms!

    Customer Project

    Here is a cute example of a shirt made with one of the monogram frames and our Circle Block Monogram. We love the extra bow added at the top.

    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:


  • Some Embossed Alphabets

    Quatrefoil & Hexagon Embossed Monograms

    Monograms and Embossed Alphabets can make an elegant addition to many different gifts and projects. We want to feature two exciting Design By JuJu Exclusive embossed alphabet designs, but before we begin...

    Some Info on Embossed Designs

    Embossed embroidery is a lovely three-dimensional technique that leaves some areas of the design open and raised when stitched on fabrics that have a nap such as towels or fleece. The rest of the design flattens down the napped fabric. Try stitching this type of embroidery design on a robe, or a set of towels for your bath or kitchen . PDF instructions on how to use embossed monogram is included with both sets.

    If you like the embossed look, check out our: Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet , Elegant Christmas Embossed MonogramElegant Oval Frame Embossed AlphabetChristmas Wreath Embossed Monogram or our best selling Preppy Embossed Monogram AlphabetPumpkin Embossed Monogram Alphabet, and Chic Embossed Monogram Alphabet!

    Quatrefoil Embossed Applique Alphabet

    This Designs by JuJu Exclusive will be perfect for your upcoming gifts! You can stitch this monogram with the frame as an applique, or tone on tone. Any way you choose, you are sure to LOVE this new monogram! You can see both stitching options displayed in the picture.

    two-letters / Embossed Alphabets

    Here is a video of the frame being stitched as an applique.

    Hexagon Embossed Monogram Alphabet

    Hexagon Embossed Alphabets

    This design is another Designs by JuJu Exclusive! This hexagon Embossed Monogram is sure to become a family favorite... it's SO versatile! This design is elegant enough for wedding gifts, masculine enough for the men in your life, and a great way to send your kid off to college in style!  We offer several sizes, so you're sure to have the perfect fit for all of your different projects.

    The 5 sizes included are
    3 inch and 4 inch: 4x4 hoop
    5 inch: 5x7 hoop
    6 inch: 6x10 hoop
    7 inch: 8x8 hoop

    You can see the monogram being stitched out here...


    Send us your Projects

    We love seeing different finished projects! If you have been working on something please send it in. To submit photos for our showcase, please email:

    Embossed Alphabets Spotlight

  • Christmas Inspiration

     With all the decorations and gifts to get done for Christmas, we thought you might need some Christmas Inspiration... So here are some great customer photos we wanted to share!

    Customer Project by: Sue Meihofer Lemay / Christmas Inspiration

    Homemade Ornaments

    This idea from Sue Meihofer LeMay is adorable! She made these ornaments for her grandkids using  designs from our Whimsical Christmas design set.

    You could make monogrammed ornaments for a less whimsical look...

    Countdown to Christmas / Christmas Inspiration

    Advent Calendar

    Did you know we have our very own Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar design? It comes with "in the hoop" ornament designs along with a star, pocket designs, PDF e-pattern for Christmas tree, and a complete, full-color step by step photo tutorial for making and constructing your Advent Calendar!

    This is a must-have at Christmastime, but make sure you leave yourself enough time to finish the project before December 1st! 

    Here is a picture of Julie’s daughter setting it up for the season!

    Customer Project By: Maria Willback DElia / Christmas Inspiration


    What better way is there to differentiate your family’s stockings? Adding a beautiful monogram!

    Maria Willback D'Elia made these stockings and chose to embellish them with our Fancy Block Monogram!

    Send Us Your Projects!

    We have so many more Christmas Designs and projects you can work on!! For some more inspiration, you can visit our Christmas Pinterest Board

    To submit photos for our showcase, please

    Happy Stitching!

  • Circle Script Monogram

    We will keep this post short and sweet, because we KNOW you'll want to rush to your machine to start playing with this new Circle Script Monogram!

    Circle Script Monogram GIF

    About this Monogram
    This beautiful monogram is a 3 letter circular script. When the left, middle, and right letters are combined, they will form a circular shape.

    On Machine - Circle Script Monogram


    This font also includes BX format to be used with Embrilliance software as a keyboard font.

    **Note** The letters in this design are individual stitch files. You must have embroidery editing software to merge your letters to form words, names & monograms.

    towel - circle script monogram

    Finished Projects

    This adorable towel is for Emily, Juju's little girl. You can use this circle script monogram on all your different monogram frames! The frame in this photo is from our Simply Frames Applique design set. (You will also want to check out our Monogram Frames Applique set)

    We know you will come up with adorable projects using this set! When you do, submit photos for our showcase, by emailing:

  • How To: Hailey’s Quilted and Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Hailey’s Quilted and Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book
    Using Designs by JuJu’s Top Dogs Embroidery Design set and Simplicity Alphabet Font

    Embroidered Fabric Doggie BookI’m thrilled to be joining you here again on Designs by JuJu’s website! I’ve always LOVED JuJu’s delightful designs and have used them extensively in my work. This quilted and embroidered doggie book is a sweet and simple project for any budding reader, boy or girl.

    For this project, I used an assortment of Juju’s new Top Dogs embroidery/applique designs. Fabrics are from my stash and chosen for their bold and bright colours. Be sure and read through all the instructions prior to commencing. It will make the project much easier for youFinished Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book.


    DBJJ - 14 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book









    Shopping List for Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book:

    Embroidery Designs: 

    Eight Top Dogs applique designs
    Simplicity font alphabet embroidery designs

    Quilting cottons:

    4 fat quarters (18"x22") in pink, yellow, green and orange – for book pages

    2 fat quarters for book cover

    Fabric scraps of multi-colours for appliques  *I used a dog paw print fabric as the book cover.

    Quilt batt – Three pieces each measuring 12"x18"

    Medium weight tearaway stabilizer – 1 yard

    Embroidery thread, bobbin thread, all-purpose thread

    Embroidery needle, sewing needles

    Temporary fabric adhesive spray, (optiona)

    Spray starch (optional)

    Small, sharp scissors or appliqué scissors

    Thimble, (optional)

    Wire ribbon 33" in length


    *I use Brother Embroidery thread for all my projects


    DBJJ - 1 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book
    Begin by cutting each of the four fat quarters (for eight fabric book pages) to measure 12"x18". Press.
    (Each piece of 12"x18" fabric will make up two pages of the book and will have two appliqued and embroidered designs each centered on one-half of the fabric.)
    Mark the center of each fabric piece by folding in half widthwise and finger press. Mark the center with a pencil.

    DBJJ - 2- Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book






    Fold in both sides to center, finger press and mark creases with a pencil. Open up left side and begin to embroider.







    DBJJ - 3 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book Download your favourite eight top dog applique embroidery designs. (new design sets - DBJJ 826, 827 and 828) to your embroidery machine.

    Using your machine’s medium sized hoop, center and hoop the first 12"x18" piece of fabric on the left hand side together with tearaway stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine and stitch out the embroidery design outline.

    Remove hoop from machine. Cut a fabric scrap slightly larger than the outline stitch. Spray starch the right side of fabric scrap and press. Spray the wrong side of fabric scrap with temporary spray adhesive. Center and finger press fabric onto the outline stitching.
    DBJJ - 4 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book


    TIP:     Cover ironing board when using spray starch and fabric adhesive to prevent over spray.


    TIP:     Temporary fabric adhesive often leaves behind a residue on the needle. It may be necessary to clean your embroidery machine needle as you go.




    Replace the hoop onto the machine and embroider tacking stitches.

    Remove hoop from the machine and carefully trim around the outline.

    Place hoop back onto machine and finish embroidering the rest of the design.

    DBJJ - 5 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    DBJJ - 6 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book








    Remove fabric from hoop. Measure 1" from the top of the embroidery design, center and draw a straight line with a pencil.

    Measure 1½" from bottom of the embroidery design and draw a straight line with a pencil.

    Download the simplicity font letters needed, center on the pencil line, hoop the fabric again and stitch out. (For example, for the breed “dalmatian” embroider a capital D centered on the line above the dog applique and the word “dalmatian” on the line below the dog applique.)

    Repeat these steps to applique design on the right hand side of the fabric page. DBJJ - 7 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Repeat these steps to embroider six more dog applique designs on the three other fabric pages along with the first letter of the dogs’ breed and the name of the breed.


    Trim around each fabric page to even.

    Lay down a layer of quilt batt, 12"x18". Top with the first and second fabric pages with right sides together and pin through all three layers.

    DBJJ - 9 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    DBJJ - 8 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book








    Stitch ½" from the edge of fabric, around the perimeter, leaving a 10" opening at the top.

    Cut off the corners as per photo.

    DBJJ - 10 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Turn fabric page to right side (which will enclose the layer of quilt batt inside).

    Gently pull out the corners of the book page.

    Turn the seams of the 10" opening under ½" and press.

    Hand stitch the opening closed.


    Repeat these steps one more time. Make the book’s cover in the same manner.
    Stitch wire ribbon in place lengthwise on the book cover as per the photo. DBJJ - 11 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Turn book cover over so wire ribbon side is face down.

    Center and place both double-sided fabric pages on top of book cover.

    Stitch down the center to secure the pages in your little book.

    DBJJ - 12 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Fold the book down the center and press in half.

    Press all eight pages.

    Voila! You have a child’s embroidered fabric doggie book with eight pages, featuring eight dog applique designs and a lovely cover.

    Congratulations……well done!

    DBJJ - 13 - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    reading - Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

    Kim Hanson

    Embroidered Fabric Doggie Book

  • Monograms & Winter Embroidery

    Snowflakes, Christmas, Decorations… Who doesn’t love getting ready for winter? As you are making gifts and working through your list of winter embroidery projects, consider adding one (or all!!) of these ideas to your list..

    Customer Project by: Sam Garofalo


    This idea comes from Sam Garofalo. She used our Adorn Ornamental Monogram to embellish these homemade “Smittens.” She cut old wool sweaters into parts, added fleece then made these mittens!

    This is a great way to “upcycle” your worn out sweaters and get a great winter accessory…



    Our customer, Lynn Ferebee shared this project she made using our Open Vine Satin Monogram . She even gave us instructions on how she made them turn out so beautifully!

    “I used a self-stick tearaway on the back and dissolvable stabilizer on the front. My reasoning for this is that scarves are not generally washed after every wearing like a shirt or towel would be, and will not be subjected to that abuse. Here's HOPING I am right. :) I used matching thread in the bobbin so that the back is not unsightly.”

    Embellishments, Embellishments
    Lastly, we recommend our Elegant Snowflake Monogram Alphabet  to transform a plain project into a festive decoration.. This quick design can turn a bathroom or kitchen into a Winter Wonderland!

    We hope everybody is staying warm inside this winter and that you found these projects as inspiring as we did! You can see all of our different Winter designs here.

    To submit photos of your winter embroidery projects for our showcase, please email:

    Happy Stitching!

  • Project Inspiration - Monogram It All!

    The best thing about monograms is you can put them on everything! Here at Designs By JuJu we have an embroidery design or monogram on every bag, pot holder, coat, napkin, you name it!  Here are some fun customer projects that used monograms in creative ways…

    Customer Project By: Sarah Cone


    Children’s Sneakers

    Sarah Cone used our Whimsy Curls Font on the tongue of these sneakers.  This fun idea is not only adorable, it also can help you keep track of your kids’ sneakers.


    Customer Project by Amy Bordelon







    If you are feeling adventurous you can embroider your own boots. Amy Bordelon used our Adorn Trio Ornamental Monogram on this project.

    *Note* Before you start, make sure you do your research on the best needles and thread to use on leather with your machine.

    Customer Project by: Anita Bialas




    Framed Monogram
    Anita Bialas used cardstock and our Elegant Curly Monogram Alphabet to make this beautiful project.  She then used it as part of a wedding gift.  (It would also be a great housewarming gift or just a way to spruce up your own living room!)




    Customer Project by Dinah Fiumano-Mccann


    Welcome Mat
    This idea came to us from Dinah Fiumano McCann. Adding a monogram to your front mat makes your entryway uniquely yours and is such a darling addition to the home.

    Dinah used a company favorite, the Adorn Trio Ornamental Monogram to complete this project!

    Vine Interlocking Monogram




    Window Valance

    Julie Ann Knott shared this idea with us, and we are so happy she did!  She used our Vine Interlocking Monogram on the valance and pillows to beautifully tie the room together.



    We hope you found these projects as inspiring as we did! You can see all of our different monograms here. To submit photos for our showcase, please email: 

    Happy Stitching!




  • How To: Make a Harlow’s Quilted and Embroidered Purse

    Make a Harlow’s Quilted and Embroidered Purse
    Using Designs by JuJu Janda Stylish Monogram


    I’m thrilled to be joining you here on Designs by JuJu’s website! I’ve always LOVED JuJu’s delightful designs and have used them extensively in my work. This quilted and embroidered purse is a sweet and simple Summer project….just the right size for your favourite little girl.

    For this project, I used the Janda Stylish Monogram design. Quilting fabrics are Carina by Amanda Murphy (except stripe fabric by Riley Blake)





    Fabric Chart Shopping List:

     Janda Stylish Monogram design DBJJ671 in the letter(s) of your choice

    Quilting cottons: (See attached fabric sample chart)

    Fabric 1 White                                                                        10"x10"

    Fabric 2 Stripe                                                                         .3 yard

    Fabric 3 Heart to Heart Pink                                                  fat quarter

    Fabric 4 Romance White multi                                              scrap 4"x8"

    Fabric 5 Entwined Red                                                           scrap 3½"x22"

    Fabric 6 Entwined Teal                                                           fat quarter


    Medium weight tearaway stabilizer                                   10"x10"

    Medium weight sew in stabilizer                                          11"x21"

    Quilt batt                                                                                11"x21"


    Thin teal cording                                                                      30"

    Embroidery thread, bobbin thread, all-purpose thread

    Embroidery needle, quilting needle, sewing needle

    Fabric adhesive spray, optional

    Free motion quilting foot, optional

    Magnetic closure

    Thimble, optional

    Three Riley Blake crocheted flowers, optional

    Wooden button, optional


    *I used Brother Embroidery thread pink, 086.

    Use a ¼" seam allowance throughout.


    Embroidery: DBJJ - 1

    Download the 3½" size monogram letter of your choice from the DBJJ671 collection to your embroidery machine. Using your machine’s medium sized hoop, center and hoop the 10"x10" piece of white fabric together with tearaway stabilizer. Stitch out the embroidery design.

    Being mindful to center the embroidery design, trim the white fabric to measure 4½" wide x6" long. Remove stabilizer. Press.



    From Fabric 2 - Fold fabric so stripes run up and down. Cut three strips 2½"x12". Sub cut two pieces 2½"x4½", one piece 2¼"x6" and two squares 2½"x2½". Re-fold fabric to change orientation of stripes. Cut one strip 2½x12".

    From Fabric 3 – Cut two strips 2"x22". Sub cut two strips 2"x12". Cut backing piece of 11"x21".

    From Fabric 4 – Trim scrap to measure 3"x6".

    From Fabric 5 – Cut one strip from scrap of 2½"x20". Sub cut to one piece 2½"x12" and two pieces 2½"x2½"

    From Fabric 6 – Cut two strips 2½"x22". Sub cut one strip 2½"x12, two squares 2½"x2½" and one piece 2¼"x6. For binding, cut four strips 2½"x22".


    Construction: See Diagram #1 [Download]

    Row 1 - Stitch 3"x6" piece of Fabric 4 to left side of monogram block and 2¼"x6" piece of Fabric 6 to the right side. Stitch a 2"x6" Fabric 2 piece to the teal piece. Press away from center. DBJJ - 2

    Row 2 - Stitch together two Fabric 6, 2 and 5 patchwork units using the 2½" squares. Set one aside for Row 5.

    DBJJ - 3

    Row 3, 4 – Stitch one 2"x12" strip of Fabric 3 to both top and bottom of purse unit.

    DBJJ - 4

    Row 5 – Repeat Row 2 except stitch Fabric 2 piece 2½x4½" to Fabric 6. Press

    Row 6 – Stitch Fabric 2 piece 2"x12" to bottom of purse unit.

    Row 7 – Stitch Fabric 5 piece 2½"x12" to bottom of purse unit.

    Row 8 – Stitch Fabric 2 piece 2½"x12" to bottom of purse unit.

    Row 9 - Stitch Fabric 6 piece 2½"x12" to bottom of purse unit.

    DBJJ - 5

    • Press all seams towards the bottom of purse unit.

    Quilting: DBJJ - 6

    Make a quilt sandwich. On a flat surface, lay down right side of backing fabric. (If using fabric adhesive spray, spray between each layer)

    Layer quilt batt on top of backing fabric and smooth.

    Layer stabilizer on top of quilt batt and smooth.

    DBJJ - 7Layer on purse top and smooth. Pin to secure.

    Pin to secure.

    Quilt as desired. (The pattern shows a free motion quilting pattern all over).

    Trim to ¼" around the perimeter of the purse top. Round both bottom corners of the purse top using template Diagram #2 [Download] and trim.




    Make binding by stitching together four 2½" strips of Fabric 6 together on the diagonal – mark a stitching line as shown. Stitch and trim ¼" from stitching line. Press seam open.

    DBJJ - 8

    DBJJ - 9


    Fold the binding strip in half, lengthwise, wrong sides together and press. At the beginning of the binding strip, fold back ½" and press.

    Pin binding strip to the raw edge of the purse top.

    Stitch ¼" from raw edge of purse top. Stop stitching 3/8" from corner of purse top. Fold binding strip up at a 45° angle.

    DBJJ - 10

    Lay the binding strip back down on the adjacent side of the purse top and begin stitching binding to raw edge.

    DBJJ - 11

    Finish off binding by tucking in the raw edge of the binding strip to the beginning point and stitch to secure.

    Fold binding over and pin to the back of the purse top. Stitch in place by hand.

    Hand stitch button, crocheted flowers (if using) in place. Wrong sides together, fold purse ½" from the bottom of the embroidered monogram to measure for magnetic closure placement. Center and affix the magnetic closure so the purse flap closes flat.

    DBJJ - 12

    Keeping the fold in place reverse purse with right sides together. Place teal cording into the seam on both sides of the purse. (The cording length on the finished purse measures 22". You may wish to shorten or lengthen) Stitch. Trim cording close to binding. Turn purse right side out. If you choose, you can embellish and cover the magnetic closure. I’ve tied a small piece of teal cord into a bow, frayed the edges and sewn in place.


    DBJJ - 14

    You are all done! Congratulations……


    Kim Hanson


  • Stabilizer Overview

    Choosing the correct stabilizer for the project is one of the most challenging tasks of both new and experienced embroiderers. Start with the following suggestions but use what works for you. Keep an embroidery journal of your projects and always do a test stitch to see how the fabric, stabilizer, and embroidery design work together.

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