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July 2021

  1. Customer Projects: Anniversary Gifts

    Getting ready to start an anniversary gift project? Check out this blog before you get started! We’ve seen so many wonderful anniversary projects from our customers recently that we wanted to share some of our favorites to give you inspiration for your next project... Continue reading →
  2. Customer Projects: One-Of-A-Kind Projects

    Looking for ideas for your next embroidery project? Look no further! We’ve seen so many one-of-a-kind projects from our customers that we decided to showcase some of our recent favorites that might give you the itch to stitch. Read on to see these wonderful projects including birth announcements, fabric baskets, and quilts! Continue reading →
  3. Customer Projects: End-to-End Quilting Designs

    Our customers have been loving all of the End-to-End Quilting Designs we’ve been adding to our website! We’ve seen so many End-to-End Quilting projects recently that we had to write this blog & share some of our favorites with everyone. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next End-to-End Quilting project, read on… Continue reading →
  4. Customer Projects: Towel Sets

    Trying to find some inspiration for your next set of towels? We have you covered! Whether it's flowers, monograms, or forest silhouettes, we have you covered! Keep reading to see some of our favorite towel sets from customers in our Embroidery Blessings Facebook GroupContinue reading →

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