April 2021

  1. Customer Projects: Fabric Baskets

    Customer Projects: Fabric Baskets

    There’s nothing we love more than seeing all of the wonderful fabric basket projects our customers create using our designs! We are constantly amazed by all of the creative ways our customers use our embroidery designs to create fabric baskets.
  2. Customer Projects: Beautiful Quilts

    Customer Projects: Beautiful Quilts

    Nothing amazes us more than seeing all of the beautiful quilts our customers create for their loved ones! We've seen so many quilt projects recently in our that we had to put together a blog post to share a few of our favorites.
  3. Customer Projects: Gifts For Kids

    Customer Projects: Gifts For Kids

    Looking for a little inspiration for some gifts to make for your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews?? Look no further! Grab some inspiration from a few of our favorite customer projects featuring gifts for kids.
  4. Customer Projects: Heartfelt Gifts

    Customer Projects: Heartfelt Gifts

    We cannot begin to tell you all how happy it makes us to see our customers creating heartfelt gifts using our designs! We’ve seen so many wonderful gifts from our customers recently, so we decided to showcase a few projects that might give you some inspiration for your own gift projects.

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