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September 2018

  1. Project Inspiration - Kitchen Sets

    screen-shot-2018-09-17-at-8-51-27-am Now that the fall and winter seasons are coming up, we are so excited to be doing a lot more baking! Our customers have sent in some adorable projects using some of our kitchen-themed sets, and we are so excited to share them with you all :) Continue reading →
  2. Design Spotlight - Harvest Fun Sets

    set3-pumpkin Here at Designs By JuJu, we love fall!! We put this blog post together to show off some of our Harvest Fall Designs. These gorgeous sets look perfect stitched out on just about anything -- pillows, towels & more. Happy Harvest Fun Stitching! :) Continue reading →
  3. Project Inspiration - Adorn Ornamental Monogram Towels

    gray-towels One of our favorite and most popular sets is this stunning Adorn Ornamental Monogram! This classic look can be used on just about anything, but it's especially popular to add a little extra something to beach, bathroom, and kitchen towels. We've had so many customers share their beautiful towel projects using this monogram, we couldn't help but share a couple with you all! Continue reading →
  4. Design Spotlight - Halloween Word Art

    set3-jack Trick or treat!! We are so excited for Halloween this year... from the big orange pumpkins to friendly monsters, and of course, the delicious candy! If you're as into it as we are, our Halloween Word Art sets are the perfect way to show off your excitement! :) Continue reading →
  5. Project Inspiration - Reading Pocket Pillows

    img_readmeastory1 Here at Designs By JuJu, we love giving reading pocket pillows as gifts to little ones! These adorable pillows make the perfect gift for the little ones in your life. We put together this blog post to show you some of our favorite customer project reading pocket pillows. Continue reading →
  6. Charlie's Puppy Quilt Tutorial Using Our Sashiko Inspired Quilt Block Series

    Dog Quilt Closeup We’ve had a fantastic response to our Sashiko Inspired Quilt Block series and questions are flooding in! Join us in this blog post as we explain how to use these fun blocks in your projects.  Continue reading →
  7. Project Inspiration - Roly Poly Elephant Quilts

    burp-cloth-fb-roly-poly Our adorable Roly Poly Elephants Applique is the one of our favorite sets at Designs By JuJu, and it also happens to be a customer favorite! Our customers send in some of the most gorgeous quilts using these adorable elephants, so we had to put a blog post together to show some of them off. We hope this blog post helps kick start your next quilting adventure! :) Continue reading →
  8. Design Spotlight - Religious Children Sets

    Do you love our religious sets? We put this blog post together to show your some of our favorite religious sets, designed specifically for the children in your life! These gorgeous sets are perfect for customizing quilts, t-shirts, bags & more! Continue reading →

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