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March 2017

  1. Dog & Pet Sayings

    Dog Sayings Set 2 / Pet Sayings Dog Lovers NEED these adorable sets! We have Pet Sayings and two Dog Saying sets. These sets help any pet lover show their affection for their furry family members! Continue reading →
  2. Easter, Easter Everywhere!

    Easter Everywhere / Word Art Set 1 Easter is just around the corner and we’re getting excited! We couldn’t resist sharing these THREE new sets with you to help add the finishing touches to your projects and gifts! If you need a fun and simple applique, check out Easter Patches Applique. If you are in love with all the word art we have been sharing lately, Easter Word Art Set 1 and Easter Word Art Set 2 are just for you! Continue reading →
  3. Soulful Sayings - Christian Embroidery

    Be Still / Soulful Sayings 1 We have 2 beautiful sets, Soulful Sayings Set 1 and Soulful Sayings Set 2 inspired by different Bible verses and Christian sayings. Continue reading →
  4. Marvelous Mandalas!

    Set 1 / Marvelous Mandalas Set 1 We have 2 beautiful sets, Marvelous Mandalas Set 1 and Marvelous Mandalas Set 2 inspired by traditional mandala designs. Mandala literally means “circle” in Sanskrit. These designs are circular with one center point surrounded by many intricate designs and symbols. Mandalas have several symmetrical sections coming from the center point. Continue reading →
  5. Jacobean Birds

    banner / Jacobean Birds Do we have any bird-watching fans? These Jacobean Bird sets will be PERFECT for you! We will be showing some amazing projects from: Springtime Jacobean, Jacobean Hummingbirds Applique, Jumbo Jacobean Hummingbirds Applique, Jacobean Hummingbirds Redwork Continue reading →
  6. Eggcellent Easter Fonts

    Banner / Easter Alphabets Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, and Easter Monograms! We have so many great Easter fonts and monograms to share with you! In this blog we will be featuring - Embossed Easter Egg Monogram Alphabet, Easter Bunny Egg Applique Alphabet, Egg Hunt Easter Alphabet Applique. Continue reading →
  7. Splits For Easter and Spring

    Banner / Easter or Spring Blog Spring and Easter are so beautiful. We know it can be hard to decide which projects to work on first!! We decided to show one Easter set; Easter Split Applique and one Spring Monogram set; Split Floral Monogram! You can decide which is your favorite, then start stitching! Continue reading →

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